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Happy bikini

We share energy transformed in happy garments that are full of story, and come from a committed and passionate team.

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With Malai, happiness is wearable.

Basic philosophy

Our pieces are the result of a happy and passionate team working together to create amazing and unique clothes. We put our best energy into every detail. This is why you feel so good when you wear Malai.

We are the proud creators of The Happy Bikini!

people for who we exist

Passionate and modern women, that not only always want to be at the leading edge, but also asks for soulful and responsible products. Women that like to remember who made their garments. Women who feel energy and are sensible to their surroundings. A woman who likes to take her best moments like “vacations at the beach” close to her heart. We exist for a woman who wants a high level product that make her feel happy.

Malai girl

  • Is a decided woman who is happy and passionate with everything she does.
  • She is creative and very visual, her main contact with reality is through her eyes. She has a great ability to see the general picture and dont complain about minimal details.
  • She plans for long terms.
  • She has a young spirit that let her take risks and be adventurous. She feels years not as an obstacle but as a recollection of experiences.
  • Malai girl is more sensitive than rational, she follows her heart and feels attracted by good vibes of energy.
  • She is strong, independent and secure. She knows what she has and follows her instict.
  • She is spontaneous and extroverted. She is not afraid to show her real self, she has nothing to hide.
  • She is humble, always willing to learn. She is happy and likes to make everybody happy.


I began studying Industrial Design in the UPB University (Medellin, Colombia) but my love for fashion, color and clothes, changed me and made me receive the title of fashion designer. I also dreamed about having my own company, so while I studied I started designing and making indigo swimsuits. I even designed the tags and bags for the swimsuits. But it didn’t really worked as expected. The fabric shrunk and the product didn’t have the expected success. But I ended up with a little experience, lots of material, and a flame that was now burning inside. Malai was born -even though I didn’t know it then. Well, it was just a dream, needing more years and a pair of wings to fly, but once you give tools, knowledge and motivation to your dream, it just a matter of time to see it coming true

When I graduated from college, I had my first face to face encounter with what I called The Real World. I met many people conformed with boring lives. I met people without motivation and purpose. I saw the picture of what I didn’t want in my future, and left with the desire and the clarity of wanting to do something different.

Things were not so clear at this time. It is not easy to put things in order in the middle of a storm. But when sunny days come, every single thing start taking its perfect place. As time went by, I began to see that now was the best opportunity to build a company that mirrored my dreams, with strong blocks based on the lessons learned in the last years. Malai became my passion. My genuine and unstoppable desire to see my essence and life story printed in every garment that I designed.

This stage lasted long enough to mature ideas and make plans for the future, to dream big. I dedicated most of my time to Malai, loved doing clothes, and seeing how more women wear and get connected with them.

So the time came to graduate me and Malai from this stage of the process, to assume the next level: learning to work with a team. Being capable to reflect my story in every person that worked for Malai.
Even though there are now many hands that play amazing roles in our team, there have been special persons that have guided, accompanied and complemented me through this process.

My Sister, one of my best friends and I are the head of Malai. Each of us with a very different role. Without schedules or scripts. Without any written rules. Each of us owns her time and tasks, but we all share the love for the brand and the desire and compromise to see it grow.

Since the moment that everything fell into place, Malai has become a magnet that attracts amazing people. Prints and energy that not only come to make a job, but also make Malai´s soul expand and help to make sure that every garment communicate our philosophy, story and what we live in our everyday life in our company.

With everything on track, and my inspiration for design flowing wonderfully, I have been able to concentrate on helping my team to wake up happy and bring enthusiasm to work, and that when they work with love and commitment, they enjoy their jobs, the team becomes a family, and their results transcend to our final consumer.

My biggest challenge today is that this Team feel happy, not only at our Malai House, but also in their own lives. I wish they are sane and healthy people in their hearts, bodies and minds. I have decided to leave a positive mark in their lives. I dream on this mark being so powerful and profound, that it irradiates around them and into their families. I dream that everyone who use or live Malai can also wear an aggregated value beyond our colors and design to the happiness and integrity with which we plan, design and create every garment. My dream is that Malai could sell its passionate story in every garment. That Malai could design and share happiness.